Yago is an antagonist in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a member of the Saviors.



Season 8Edit

Some GuyEdit

Yago and his accomplices are seen ambushing Carol Peletier from behind, he then orders his men to take the guns to the truck. As they follow his orders, he briefly pursues Carol. Yago is then seen being ambushed by Carol in an attempt to stop him and the Saviors from transferring the .50 Caliber guns from the Chemical Plant Outpost to the Sanctuary. Upon spotting her, he opens fire, along with the other Saviors, where both he and Carol exchange bullets in a gunfight. Knowing she was outgunned, Carol used her smarts and surrendered, telling Yago there's more Kingdom soldiers on the outskirts ready to ambush them.

Yago orders Joey to restrain her, but to his surprise, Carol was merely playing them all along and manages to hold Joey hostage as a way to negotiate her way out of the outpost. Joey pleads with Yago not to shoot, but he orders everyone to do so anyway, showing his authority and killing Joey in the process, but not hitting Carol.

After Carol manages to take out two out of the four Saviors attacking her, Yago and another Savior takes cover behind the vehicle containing the caliber weaponry. Upon realizing Ezekiel is in trouble, she chooses to help him rather than kill Yago and his accomplice. Because of this, the two take this as an opportunity to flee the outpost on the truck.

Supposedly safe, Daryl Dixon manages to take out the Savior manning the .50 Caliber gun on the back of the truck and Rick Grimes hijacks the vehicle and stabs Yago in the gut with his knife, injuring him and throwing him out of the vehicle, though he survives. Rick told Daryl after retrieving the guns to see whether he's alive or not.

The Big Scary UEdit

Yago is seen on the ground bleeding out, Daryl asks him who won at the Chemical Plant Outpost, he gets angry at his answer, Yago replies King Ezekiel, Carol and Jerry won, killed all of his people and all of the Kingdom people are dead. After Daryl walks away, Yago succumbs to his wounds and dies. Rick then stabs him in the head to prevent reanimation.

Killed VictimsEdit