"Go on, do it. You killed Donnie, you killed Molly, your people have destroyed my home. You have no idea. The things I've done, what I've given up, what I had to do. Go ahead, I've already lost everything." ― Paula taunting Carol Peletier
Paula is an antagonist in AMC's The Walking DeadShe is a high ranking member of the Saviors.


Paula is controlled, cool and formidable, having faced tragedy and trauma and come out the other side stronger and harder. However, she also became colder and less outwardly emotional as she avoids attachments and maintains a toughly, pragmatic, nihilistic worldview.



Paula was born in the mid 1970s where she grew to be a family woman living with her beloved husband and four daughters in Washington, D.C.. She worked as a secretary under an unappreciative boss which put a heavy strain on her lifestyle and especially made her burned-out employee trapped in a cubicle working a thankless occupation. To cope with her depressive life and move forward through the turbulent times, she would spend her free time reading several inspirational stories, watching inspirational pictures and funny cat-meme pictures.


During the onset of the outbreak, Paula was present at her workplace when the military arrived, however, to her misfortune, only essential government employees and members of congress were being evacuated while everyone else was ordered to stay indoors wherever they were, effectively leaving Paula stuck at her workplace alongside her boss. However, her boss, being a businessman with no fighting or survival skills would surely get himself and Paula killed and this would have prevented Paula from returning home to her family so she killed her boss, the very first person she killed, and went back home, but by the time she managed to return to her house she tragically discovered that her family had already died.

At some point after the event, Paula eventually came into contact with Negan and subsequently joined his group dubbed the Saviors. Due to her keen intellect and resourcefulness, Paula was appointed as one of Negan's personal lieutenants; during which she developed a somewhat romantic relationship towards her fellow Savior Donnie.

She aided in terrorizing other survivors and communities into subjugating to Negan's will, during which she committed several horrific acts in order to do so including murdering innocent people. At some point after discovering the Hilltop Colony, they demanded half of their supplies in exchange for leaving the farming community unscathed, upon where they demonstrated their methods through executing Rory, a 16 year old member of the colony.

Season 6Edit

Not Tomorrow YetEdit

Paula is heard through Primo's walkie-talkie, ordering Rick Grimes and his group to lower their weapons after their attack on the Satellite Outpost. She refuses to show herself to Rick, but agrees to talk to him, revealing that she is holding his people Carol Peletier and Maggie Greene hostage.

The Same BoatEdit

Paula and her group capture Maggie and Carol

Paula watches through binoculars as Rick's group beats up Primo and she contacts Rick on Primo's walkie-talkie, informing him that she has Maggie and Carol. Rick offers to trade Carol and Maggie for Primo, but Paula instead takes Carol and Maggie away while calling for backup. Paula's group brings Maggie and Carol to a slaughterhouse, where they're bound and gagged in a makeshift cell. Carol hyperventaliates and Maggie is concerned, unsure whether it's real or Carol is pretending. Upon Maggie's insistence, the Saviors remove Carol's gag and look pitifully at her as she gasps for breath and prays. Carol begs them not to hurt Maggie and the baby, and asks Molly, one of her fellow Saviors, to refrain from smoking on account of the pregnancy. Michelle, a Savior, surprisingly backs Carol up. Donnie, the Savior who Carol shot in the woods, shrieks with pain and threatens to kill Carol. Paula orders him to leave Carol alive as insurance until backup arrives in 30 minutes, causing Donnie to smack Paula. Maggie trips him as he goes for Carol, and they fight. Paula knocks Donnie unconscious with

Carol taunts Carol as her prisoner

the butt of her gun and instructs Michelle to interrogate Maggie in another room. In the other room, Carol thanks Paula for helping her and Maggie with Donnie.

Paula calls Carol pathetic before Rick radios her to ask if she's considered his proposal to trade hostages. Paula delays her decision and ends the transmission. Carol explains to Paula that her group killed her people at the outpost because Bud and the Saviors ambushed Daryl Dixon's group on the road, instilling them with a fear of Negan. Paula tells Carol that her boss was the first person she killed after the fall. She says she stopped feeling bad about killing people when her body count reached double digits. Carol accuses Paula of living among killers, but Paula counters that Carol's people are killers, too, making Carol a killer. After Carol tells Paula that she'll die unless she makes the trade, Paula eventually radios Rick again and tells him to meet her in a nearby field. Afterwards, she worries that the absence of static on the walkie means that Rick's group is close, possibly already outside the slaughterhouse.

Paula contacts her reinforcements, who are now only minutes away. She and Molly leave Carol alone in the cell. In their absence, Carol sharpens the crucifix on the rosary beads and uses it to cut free. Maggie and Carol find a hall full of impaled but living walkers, designed to slow them down or trap them. From behind, Paula fires at them until she runs out of bullets. Carol aims her gun at Paula and orders her to run, despite Maggie's insistences that Carol kill Paula. A walker attacks, causing Carol to shoot Paula in the shoulder. Maggie kills the walker, then races over to fight Michelle. During their struggle, Maggie's abdomen is nearly slashed, but Carol manages to shoot Michelle dead.

Paula is slowly devoured by a walker

Maggie and Carol find Paula injured on the ground.

Paula asks what Carol is so afraid of when she's so capable. Carol says that she was afraid of what is about to happen, alluding to Paula's death by her hands. Paula lunges at her and Carol shoves Paula into a speared walker, and the walker tears off a good portion of Paula's cheek. Paula's screams of agony are shortly drowned out as she chokes to death on her own blood, and dies from blood loss and/or trauma. Later, when Maggie and Carol are making their way to the kill floor to assault the remaining Saviors, the former puts down all the walkers used in the trap, including the now-reanimated Paula.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Unnamed Boss
  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people



Paula was never seen with Negan on screen but she was one of his lieutenants as shown when she was leading the remaning Saviors after Rick Grimes and his group attacked their outpost as well as dealing with Rick with trading with Carol and Maggie for Primo. When Carol asked her about Negan, she and Molly protected Negan's identity by telling her that they're all Negan, showing an amount of loyalty for him. Her death was avenged when Negan personally kills Abraham Ford.

Carol PeletierEdit

Paula and Carol Peletier have a very negative relationship. She constantly mocks Carol because of her apparent fear of the Saviors as well as her faith. Carol, while dislikes her, gives Paula a chance to escape alive, which she ignores and continues to taunt her. When Carol shoves Paula onto a pipe and gets her killed, she is shown to be shocked by the act.


Paula and Molly have shown to have a good relationship or at least on steady grounds as they are seen helping each other out. When Carol asked them who Negan is, both Molly and Paula protected Negan's identity. Paula seemed to be shocked and angered by Molly's death and tries to kill Carol and Maggie to avenge her only to meet her end.


Although not seen interacting that much, it is assumed Paula and Michelle have a good relationship. Michelle seems to respect Paula as the leader of their own group while Paula entrusts Michelle enough to interrogate Maggie alone. It is assumed that Paula doesn't know where Michelle is as she is not among her fallen allies and isn't mentioned by Paula. Regardless, Michelle is later killed by Carol.


Donnie and Paula are shown to have a rough relationship. After Donnie gets shot in the arm by Carol, he begins to get emotionally uncontrollable and intends to kill Carol for shooting him. Paula tells him that they have to be smart and wants to keep both Carol and Maggie alive and wait for reinforcements to arrive. After Donnie loses control and hits on Carol as well as Paula, Paula knocks him out with her pistol. Paula's negligency caused Donnie to die out of blood loss and infection. When she later finds out that both Donnie and Molly have died, she gets infuriated and tries to kill Carol and Maggie for their actions. He is mentioned by Paula alongside Molly when she taunts Carol to kill her for killing her friends and that she doesn't have anything left, showing she does care for him. 


  • "If you could do all this, what are you so afraid of, Carol?"