"You heard the man! Move out!" ― Arat ordering the Saviors to raid Alexandria
Arat is an antagonist in AMC's The Walking DeadShe is a former high ranking member of the Saviors.


Arat appears to be a loyal, cruel and formidable woman. She is shown to be extremely loyal to her leader, Negan, and as a result she is well respected and trusted by him as one of his personal lieutenants. Arat is very capable of cold blooded murder and she is not above torture and mutilation.



At some point after the outbreak, Arat somehow came into contact with a group named the Saviors which she subsequently joined, upon where she developed a fierce loyalty towards their leader Negan and thus she later became appointed as one of his personal lieutenants.

At some point she and her group discovered an abandoned factory which together they managed to seize control over and thus Arat took residence inside which later became established as their central headquarters which they called the Sanctuary.

Throughout the following months, Arat aided her leader in terrorizing other survivors and communities into subjugating to Negan's will upon where she committed several horrific acts including extorting supplies from various communities and murdering innocent survivors.

Season 7Edit

The CellEdit

Arat radios Dwight to inform him that Gordon had fled the Sanctuary. Negan answers Arat and lets her know that Dwight will meet her at the gate.

Arat is among the Saviors to raid the Alexandria Safe-Zone for weapons, supplies, and furniture and gives the order

Arat is seen along with the Saviors under Negan's command

for everyone to begin looting after Negan's opening remarks to Rick Grimes, Rosita Espinosa and Spencer Monroe. She accompanies Negan and the others as they raid the armory for weapons. However, she discovered a discrepancy with the inventory list and the guns present and informs Negan that Olivia may be lying. Later, Arat watches on as Negan gives his final taunts to Rick and the Alexandrians before departing.
Hearts Still BeatingEdit

Arat is seen among the Saviors as they raid Alexandria again. Later, she can be seen guarding Rick's house where Negan is temporarily residing until Rick returns from his run. Spencer asks to speak to Negan, to which she strictly rejects him twice before Negan comes out from the house and tells her she is being unreasonable, prompting her to move and let Spencer pass. A short time later, she watches intently in the street below as Tara Chambler and Olivia converse outside Rick's house.


Arat attacks Rosita

Whilst Negan and Spencer play pool on the streets of Alexandria as Spencer attempts to get Negan to kill Rick and appoint him Alexandria's new leader, Arat watches along with other Saviors and Alexandrians. She is present right up until Negan disembowels Spencer and Rosita attempts to shoot him, but misses and instead hits Lucille. When this happens, Arat pushes her to the ground, holding a knife to her throat and soon after, her face after Negan instructed her to do so. After Rosita lies twice to Negan about who made the bullet she used to try to assassinate him with, he orders Arat to kill somebody of her choice as a result of Rosita's lies. Without hesitation, Arat whips her gun out and quickly shoots Olivia in the face, killing her instantly. Negan reveals that Arat distrusted Olivia and therefore wanted her dead. After Rick returns to Alexandria, Negan orders Arat to select her next victim until someone reveals the bullet maker. As she points her gun at Eric Raleigh, Tara and Eugene Porter quickly interject respectively, saving Eric's life. Soon after, Arat, Negan and the rest of the Saviors leave, taking Eugene with them.
The First Day of the Rest of Your LifeEdit

Arat is among the Saviors that travel to Alexandria with Negan. Along the way, they stopped by trees that have been cut and fallen onto the road. Arat keeps watch as many of the men use chainsaws to cut away the logs. When they arrive in Alexandria, Arat stands in the back and listens to Negan's speech. She is surprised when a zombified Sasha Williams emerges from the coffin and attacks Negan. After this, the Alexandrians get the upper hand and start firing their weapons. Arat and the others duck behind their trucks and fight back. After the retaliation of the Hilltop Colony and the Kingdom, Arat and the other Saviors all retreat due to being outnumbered. 

Season 8Edit

The Big Scary UEdit
Si 34

Arat along with her fellow lieutenants

Arat is present in the room as the Savior lieutenants discuss how to rescue Negan, how to handle the workers, and the possibility of a spy among their ranks. After Laura bursts into the room, warning everyone that the workers are marching upstairs and that they won't back down, she and the others try to calm the angry workers down and takes a knee when Negan returns.
The KeyEdit

Arat, along with Simon, Dwight and Gary, is part of the Savior army dispatched to the Hilltop to use their improvised weapons when Rick attacks the convoy. While Arat and the others are eager to find Negan, they are ordered to stay put by Simon who assures them that he and Dwight will find Negan instead. When Dwight and Simon return to the crowd of Saviors without Negan, Arat questions Negan's whereabouts. Sensing that she is falling out of line, Simon steps in and gives a speech to the Saviors about continuing Negan's plan and vision, to which Arat cheers along with the other Saviors and prepares to wipe out Hilltop.

Do Not Send Us AstrayEdit

Arat and the other Saviors arrive at the Hilltop prepared to attack the settlement. After several vehicles lose their tires, Arat is instructed to remove the tire spikes from the road so they can further advance into the Hilltop. She and the others are met with gunfire but she manages to survive long enough to escape with Simon, Dwight, Gary and any remaining Saviors.


Arat, D.J. and Norris capture Simon

Arat plans the final assault on Hilltop along with Negan, Simon, Dwight, Gary and D.J . Later, she, along with D.J. and Norris, open fire on Simon's conspirators including Gary during their plan to overthrow Negan. She also witnesses the fight between Negan and Simon inside the Sanctuary and Simon's subsequent death. She also helps capture and disarm Dwight, who was revealed by Laura to be the mole working with Rick and the Militia. As Negan listens to Michonne reading Carl Grimes's letter, Arat can be seen walking by the perimeter fence. 
Wrath Edit

While not directly shown, Arat is part of the Saviors' ambush on the Militia. When the Saviors' weapons backfire, Arat survives. Then, she surrenders to the Militia and returns to the Sanctuary with Laura and her fellow Saviors after Negan's defeat.

Killed VictimsEdit



Arat is shown to be completely loyal to Negan and is one of the closest associates. She is shown to follow her leader's orders without question as seen when she mercilessly executed Olivia on Negan's orders. She also tackled Rosita to the ground after she attempted to assassinate Negan, showing that she is willing to protect her leader from danger. After Negan's attack and disappearance as well as being presumed dead, Arat appeared to be saddened of this and was concerned of his whereabouts. Arat's loyalty is shown in full as she along with D.J. and Norris gunned down a group of Saviors who betrayed Negan and helped disarm and capture Simon, who led the attempted coup. She also helped capture Dwight for Negan after his betrayal was revealed.


Arat and Simon appear to have a neutral relationship. While Arat was hesitant to stay behind while Simon and Dwight looked for Negan alone, she complied. When Simon returned without Negan and he says they should just get rid of the other communities, Arat, along with the other Saviors, shout "For Negan!". Any good terms they may have been on was completely severed, with Arat and D.J. gunning down all of Simon's loyalists who was planning to help him assassinate Negan. Arat watched as Simon and Negan fought, with Negan eventually gaining the upper hand and choking Simon to death.


  • "I said no."


Trivia Edit

  • Arat is the first Middle-Eastern character in The Walking Dead TV series. The second is Siddiq, and the third is Farron.
  • Originally, Arat and other Saviors were meant to accompany Dwight as he pursued Gordon, and there was a car chase involved. However, the scene was cut and only Dwight went after Gordon in the final version of "The Cell".
  • Arat's name is an allusion to a Savior from the comic series, named Tara, as Arat is spelled backwards.
    • In this case, this was likely done intentionally to introduce the character's TV series counterpart without causing confusion between her and Tara Chambler.